Sunday, October 19, 2014

Why giving up??

ألسلام عليكم ورحمة ألله و بركاته

Sometimes, life doesn't go as what we expect it to be.. And what make it worst is when in the difficult time, struggling all by yourself, you found that you are all alone to face it. Yes you may be surrounded with family and friends, those who you don't deny DO love you. But love is not equal to understanding. They may love you but they may not necessarily understand your situation. Who on earth could possibly know you in and out.. When you yourself may not know who you really are. 

Life... Is a journey.. That can be tough at times.. That it makes you feel like giving up everything.. That you feel like you lost all strength that you have.. You feel like collapsing.. To wake up, and to gain back all the piece of strength that had been scattered everywhere, will be too far from easy.. And that.. Is really heartbreaking! Especially when you well aware that no matter how, as long as you still alive, you need to keep moving on.. Ending your life and just let it be destroyed might be the easiest solution.. But that..! Is an act of a loser and a sinner.. And you..! Yes you.. You are not a loser unless you choose to be one.. Life may defeat us tonnes of times.. But still.. We are born as a winner.. Striving to live on had began since the earliest process of our creation.. 

When we are losing our step.. Just stop by and take some time to find back our way.. We might lost our track, we might meet people that will confuse us of which way we are supposed to go.. But then.. Life is a journey that all of us need to go thru it.. And the only one that we can truly count on is Allah (as a Muslim).. Not our mom, not our dad, not our friends.. And this journey itself, is a journey of searching Allah's blessing..

There will be time that we might feel like we are in a total darkness.. We don't know where to go.. All we need to do is just to call for Him.. No matter how sinful we are at the time, He won't leave us behind.. Just call Him.. And he will guide us to the way out.. He will give us the light thru friends, family, obstacles, etc. Whatever is happening on us, it is just so that we can meet Him at the end of the road.. Because He's the only one that always love us without condition.. Even if He's angry, that also because of His eternal love that He can't see us ruining ourselves.. 

We already had Him who loves us that much.. But still we are always, keep looking for another love.. But He.. Despite of how forgetful and how ungrateful we are.. Still there.. Watching over us.. Never give up on us.. Waiting for us to come back to Him after we had experience life enough to realize that it's Him that we need.. So why? When Allah The Almighty is not gonna give up on us.. Why should we, giving up..?


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