Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'm back..!

ألسلام عليكم ورحمة ألله و بركاته

After more than one year, now here I am again in my beloved blog.

Don't know what happen to me.. Not even sure what is going on in me in this one year.. All I know I give up the only one thing that I hold with, ever since I'm in my secondary school - writing.....

Indeed I miss my bloggie. I just somehow lost the feeling. The soul is missing. And I couldn't bring my fingers to type anything anymore. 

I guess.... I changed a lot...

Realizing that after reading back all my previous writing.. 

Just how I almost forget of who I really am.. 

And I thought that I would never write anything again in here.. But Allah probably want something else for me..

The first time I kinda awaken about my missing-self is when I'm looking randomly for a book. And out of few books that I took and read that time, only this one book actually moved my heart - "Tulip in The Desert"..

I suddenly remembered that once before in my life, I like to write. 

I hardly understand what is written in the book, but all I know I felt something in me.. And of course, I end up buying it...

Not too long after that, a friend requested to see my blog after I told that I used to like writing. That was the second trigger for me to consider of writing again...

Day by day, I miss it more.. But I left it aside.. Refuse to give a thorough thinking about it.. 

And today....
I'm in a process of a more serious writing.. But I blurred.. No idea.. Don't know where to start.. In one word - STUCK..!

My surrounding is too noisy.. I open my Music files and choose to listen few songs that I had not listened to for quite some time.. And one song, suddenly touching my heart.. Still...

Yes... This song... "Maha Melihat".. One of my last few piece before I so-called quit my writing....

It's been so long.......

My return this time hopefully will bring the better me in here.. There are too many things happened within one year. It such a short time, but yet it changed me bit by bit.. Including of losing my precious father.... One of the biggest thing ever happen in my life.. 

As always, I just hope to be a happy person.. 

What past is past..
No matter how hard things used to be, life still goes on..
And may a better future further await for me... ^_^

That will be it for today.. 

Adiosss.... :)


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